14 Times That Animals Have Come To the Rescue

Toby the Golden Retriever

Animals have pretty much no reason to like us. Sure, there are a few instances where the relationship between man and beast is beneficial to them. Cats, for example, live a pretty cushy life because they were smart enough to dominate the human race (is that not how it went down?). By and large, though, with all the various tragic things that humans do to animals in the name of “progress,” it makes little sense that the animal kingdom is as sweet to humanity as it is. Yet, they are. There have been many occasions where animals have gone above and beyond to help the people surrounding them. Here are 14 instances where animals saved a human’s neck.


1. Tara Is a Nanny You Don’t Mess With

On a sunny May day in 2014, Jeremy Triantafilo was playing in his front yard when the next door neighbor’s dog escaped their yard and ran straight for the kid. That’s when the house cat, Tara, leapt into action … literally. As the dog latched on to the young boy, Tara threw herself into the invading animal full force, sending the pup fleeing for help. Fortunately, Jeremy was not seriously injured. Hopefully Tara got a catnip reward for those heroics.

Tara and her kid