15 Most Disturbing Experiments in Human History

Human Brain-control Experiments

The old expression goes, “You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.” The same general idea holds true for the cause of scientific progress. Sometimes, it’s necessary to engage in a little moral ambiguity in order to move the needle forward. Unfortunately, though, that quest for progress can sometimes come at a great cost. Sometimes researchers become so obsessed with numbers, statistics, and results that they miss the very human cost of their experiments. The history of mankind is littered with the victims of this kind of irresponsible research, too many to name. Here, for your consideration, are 15 of the most disturbing experiments in human history.


1. Unit 731

During World War II, some a-hole in Japan decided to try and develop a plague bomb — which is exactly what it sounds like. As a result, Unit 731 was erected, a horrible project that not only dropped these plague bombs on Chinese cities, it also saw the incarceration and live vivisection of several Chinese inmates. Sources indicate that “at least 3,000 people — by some accounts several times as many — were killed in the medical experiments; none survived.”

Unit 731