15 Animals/Insects That’ll Be Extinct in Your Lifetime

Before we know it, these animals and insects will cease to exist.

skull caterpillar

In a perfect world, humans and all 8.7 million land and ocean species would perfectly co-exist together. But due to various risks, including natural causes, hunting, pollution, and climate change, many of Earth’s animals and insects are going extinct. As the endangered species list grows longer and longer over the years, here are a few of the species that will probably go extinct during your lifetime.


1. Lemur

There are more than 100 species of lemurs in the world, and all of them are listed on the endangered species list. As of 2013, it has been estimated that 90% of all lemur species will be extinct within the next 20-25 years. Habitat destruction and hunting have been noted as the causes of this animal’s sharp decline in population.