15 Red Flags that Your Relationship is On the Rocks

Bad Relationship Concept. Man And Woman In Disagreement

It goes without saying that not every relationship is perfect. The sad truth is that most will inevitably crash and burn as you continue down the path to finding your perfect significant other (and it will happen, just be patient). When you’re in a relationship, though, it can be tough to determine the right time to call it quits. What’s the last straw? It can be different for everyone, but it’s not rocket science. If you’re wondering about the state of your relationship, here are a couple of warning signs to keep an eye out for.


1. They Annoy You All the Time

If you can’t hang around someone, you shouldn’t be with them. That seems like an obvious fact. However, when you first hop into a relationship, sometimes just having another person on the opposite end of the couch can be kind of comforting. Don’t be such a sissy, though. You’re better than that. If your SO is irritating you on a consistent basis, better to kick them to the curb sooner rather than later.

I Do not Want To Listen
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