‘Ghosting’ and Other Pitfalls of Modern Dating

The Relationship Status

The modern dating scene is pretty treacherous. It’s a cutthroat business that’s not for the faint of heart. No matter who you are, no matter how famous or powerful, you’re not immune from heartbreak. Just take the recent rumors that Charlize Theron ended her relationship by “ghosting” Sean Penn (even though Furiosa totally wouldn’t do that) If you’re asking yourself just what the heck “ghosting” you’re not alone. It seems like the new millennium has brought with it countless new ways to get into trouble on the dating scene. Here are some potential landmines you can step on as you venture out into the dating world.


1. Ghosting

Okay, so what exactly did Charlize theoretically do to Sean Penn? “Ghosting” is what happens when the person you’re into simply stops answering texts or responding to messages online. They simply disappear. It’s pretty cowardly, but it’s not new. Men have been doing it for generations.

Ghosting definition