18 Real Giant Animals Who Defy Belief


You might think you have a solid grasp of the natural world, but you’re wrong. Nature is filled with creatures that simply don’t seem possible. In terms of scale alone, there are creatures out there that you’d think could only be the product of a Hollywood special effects house. But Earth is a magical place with plenty of big surprises just lurking around the corner. No, really, very large surprises. The upshot is that a lot of them won’t even try and feast on your face. They may haunt your dreams for the rest of your life, but they won’t try to eat you! Some will, though, so watch out for that.


1. The Flemish Giant

First bred in Belgium in the 16th century, the product of a rabbit and what we have to assume was some kind of very fluffy cow (now extinct). These guys can get up to 22 pounds and are widely beloved pets. Also, they’re apparently delicious in stews.

Flemish Giant