How Michael Jordan Spent $2 BILLION DOLLARS!

Michael Jordan is a world-famous athlete that has made billions by basically having his finger in every pie there is. He owns a basketball team, a baseball team, has million-dollar sponsors, 3 restaurants, and a car dealership. This is how he earns his money, now let’s see how he spends it!

1. Cars
Michael is a huge car fan and owns over 40 high-end vehicles, these include:- A $150,000 Aston martin db9 volante, a $625,000 Mercedes McClaren 722, a $212,000 Ferrari Testarossa, a $40,000 C4 Corvette, and a Ferrari 512 tr.

2. Mansions
Michael owns a variety of different mansions among the most noteworthy are a $12.8 million Florida mansion another $2.8 million one in North Carolina, a $7.5 million mansion in Utah, and a whopping $29 million mansion in Chicago.

3. Watches
His watch collection is enormous and we’re not talking Casio’s here. He owns a $145,000 Urwerk UR 202, a $1.1 million Ulysse Nardin Tourbillon in royal blue, a $90,000 A.Lange and Söhne Datograph, and a $75,000 Rolex Daytona.

4. Charity
He doesn’t just spend on himself, he also gives to charity. He recently donated $100 million to Black Lives Matter, $7 million to open 2 medical clinics in North Carolina, $2 million to Hurricane Florence relief efforts, and is a frequent donator to the NAACP legal defense fund.

5. Divorce
Yes, it’s not extravagant or luxurious, decadent, or self-indulgent but it certainly is expensive. In 2006 after 17 years of marriage Michael and Vanoy get a divorce. Michael pays out $168 million! plus $2 million in legal fees.

6. Airplane
Michael owns his own $61.5 million jet, which he had customized in white and Carolina blue with the jump man logo on the tail. He uses this when he goes on long family vacations, on which of course, no expense is spared!

7. Boat
If the Jordan family prefer a vacation on the water, Michael has his $80 million private yacht and spends $840,000 a week to keep it operational during his vacation.

8. Golf course
Michael got annoyed by how slowly people played on his local golf course, his solution? To build his own. Named “Grove 23” this course can be played fast or slow and including all the customizations Michael asked for, the overall cost is estimated at $20 million.

What would you buy if you were as rich as Michael Jordan?
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