15 Tiny Houses That Will Make You Want to Downsize

rock house

Our culture has been living the excessive “more is more” way of life for a while now, which isn’t always practical, affordable or sustainable. Grandiose suburban McMansions are no longer desirable for green-minded folks. Many people are consciously turning towards a simplified way of life with less belongings, less clutter and less debt by opting for teeny tiny homes. If paring down to a dwelling just a few hundred square feet in size seems impossible to you, take a look at some of these innovative designs from around the world and be inspired.


1. The Mini weeHouse

The original weeHouse was designed by a violinist who branched into the tiny house movement with this 336 square foot design. The Minnesota based home was built in 2003 and cost $60,000 to create. The home is built around a wood burning stove for heat and features floor-to-ceiling glass walls on either side to maximize light and great views of the landscape outside. It’s accented with warm Douglas Fir wood and has simple yet multitasking furniture.

tiny modern home