15 Children Who Were Raised by Wild Animals

dina sanichar

There are dozens of stories about children who were raised amongst the wild, forced to fend for themselves and adapt to their surroundings. In many cases, these kids later come into contact with animals who adopt them as one of their own. After being isolated from humans for so long, these feral children begin to take on animalistic traits, and many times, after being rescued from the wild, efforts to assimilate them back into society are futile. Here are 15 stories of children who were raised by wild animals.

1. Living With Cats and Dogs

Natasha Mikhailova was severely neglected by her father, Viktor, and her grandparents in the Siberian city of Chita. She was forced to live in a locked room with cats and dogs for several years, and over time, the young child began to behave just like her pets. She lapped up food, walked on all fours, and drank water with her tongue. When she was rescued at the age of 5, she had the appearance of a 2-year-old and would bark like a dog, hiss at strangers, and try to play fetch.

raised by dogs