UFC Ring Girls CONFESS! Inside Secrets! o_O’

Ring girls have always been around as a light distraction, a bit of sweet in amongst the savory. Something to clean the palette of so much violence. But working behind the scenes you get to see things others don’t, especially if people think you’re just a pretty face!

1. Outfits
Most ring girls have a modeling background and are used to wearing skimpy clothing. In the UFC they can wear any two-piece outfit they like as long as their lady bits remain covered, something which some confess to being difficult when entering and exiting the ring.

2. No Training Plan
Due to their modeling background, they have all been walking around in heels for years which is a good thing because the UFC offers no training. They go from the interview room straight to ringside.

3. No Knowledge Needed.
No, I don’t mean stupidity is a requisite, but no UFC knowledge is required, they don’t even have to know what UFC stands for! Unidentified Flying Cardigan?

4. They Become Hardcore Fans
Although they may have no previous knowledge they learn as they work and start following the fighters, getting to know them. They cheer their favorites and cry when they lose, and sometimes they get a little too close!

5. They date fighters
All this tension and lack of clothing were bound to end up like this. You may think that these types of relationships can’t last but Natasha Wicks and Kyle Kingsbury got together in 2009 and are married with a son.

6. Can’t be squeamish
Being so close to the action, the girls often get spattered with blood and spit but Arianny Celeste admitted her most stomach-churning moment was when Anderson Silva broke his ankle right in front of her.

7. Dealing with the fans
The girls must maintain composure even though fans catcall and jeer them at the fights and sometimes try to grope them. At the meet and greet some girls have been proposed to on multiple occasions causing some very awkward situations.

8. Highly-paid
The main ring girls get paid $1000 a fight and $5000 for a pay per view match, this caused controversy with female fighters claiming to earn a lot less than some ring girls.

9. Part-time
Although paid well it is a part-time job with most ring girls doing modeling work on the side. This, of course, adds to their earnings, and to the pay difference controversy, while a ring girl can still earn when its not a fight night, a fighter must continue to train unpaid.

10. No stability
A ring girl can be fired for anything, some girls still don’t know why they were fired. In 2009 Logan Stanton and Natasha wicks were abruptly fired with no official reason, rumors say it was because they commented about a fighter supposedly faking an eye injury!