Meet the HOTTEST Fans of Soccer!

If you think soccer is as boring as baseball you’re probably right! But while your average baseball fan is a 57-year-old man, your average soccer fan…well…isn’t.

1. Brazil
Professional model Suzy Cortez is a huge Brasil fan and presented the 2018 world cup for FOX Deportes Argentina…. Whoops!

2. Colombia
Magda Angel is a model who works for MundoFOX she supports her team by posting Instagram photos in the Colombia kit before every game!

3. Russia
Professional model and self-proclaimed “worlds hottest soccer fan”, Angelina Rayskaya may actually be right. I’m not going to argue about it.

4. Belgium
L’oreal model and Belgium fan Axelle Despiegelaere… Axelllllllll Desper inloveeeee ehh!?

5. Sweden
Sweden, yes, all of Sweden, just look for yourself! Every swede!! Every single one!

6. Mexico
World’s hottest weather girl, Yanet Garcia is also a massive soccer fan, making her the world’s hottest weather soccer fan girl!!

7. Denmark
Katrina Maria supports Denmark but is also a Manchester United fan.
After posing in the red devils kit she was officially crowned their hottest fan!

8. Poland
Voted Miss Euro in 2016 Marta Barczok can be seen in her team’s kit at the stadium and is always posting photos of herself wearing Poland’s colors.

9. Peru
Nissa Cauti has shown us two good reasons to be on this list. The more she demonstrates and reveals these reasons, the more convinced we are!

10. Russia
Natalya Nemchinova supports the Russian national team and also Spartak Moscow. In 2018 she was voted Russia’s hottest soccer fan!

Which fan do you think is the hottest?
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