10 Times Soccer Players Put FIFA to SHAME!

Soccer has strict rules to protect the integrity of the game, but some players prefer to play the rules rather than play the game.
Here are 10 Times Soccer Players Put FIFA TO SHAME!

1. Head butt
While you are allowed to use your head in soccer, you aren’t allowed to use it on your opponent as Zinedine Zidane did in the 2006 world cup. Sure Marco Materazzi insulted his sister, but violence is not allowed and Zidane was sent off!

2. Taking a dive
Sometimes players will try to tackle you and knock you down, this is a foul and if it happens inside the penalty area you will be awarded a penalty kick. Some players wait for minimal contact and take a dive and play-act to get a penalty kick. Danko lazovic took things way too far and though he didn’t get a penalty kick he might get an Oscar!

3. Hand of god
Diego Maradona shocked the world in the 1986 world cup by blatantly cheating and using his hand to score a goal. Perhaps more shocking is the fact that the goal wasn’t disallowed and Argentina eliminated England and went on to win the world cup.

4. Butterfingers
In the 2018 world cup Cristiano Ronaldo took a light shot at Spain’s goal, to everyone’s surprise, it slipped through David de Gea’s fingers and straight in. Though not against the rules, it is shameful when a goalkeeper like David de Gea can’t stop the ball with his hands.

5. Butterier! fingers
If David De Gea’s blunder was bad, Robert green’s was epic. During the 2010 world cup Robert cost his team a game against the USA. He embarrassed himself, his team, FIFA, and England fans worldwide as they watched the ball slowly roll into the net.

6. Open Goal
As far as embarrassment goes, missing and undefended goal is pretty much at the top. Whilst playing for Qatar, Fahad Khalfan found himself a yard in front of an empty goal, rather than shooting with his right foot he tried to use the outside of his left, causing him to hit the right post and miss, perhaps the easiest goal of his life!

7. ShowmanSLIP!
Known for his showboating, goalkeeper Rene Higuita invented the scorpion kick and was known for always being closer to the halfway line than the goal line. these antics came back to bite him in 1990 in Italy when Roger Milla took the ball off him in the midfield. Rene frantically chases Roger with no hope of stopping the goal or his own embarrassment.

8. Biting
Violence in soccer is frowned upon and biting even more so. So the fact the Luis Suarez has bitten 3 different players is surprising! In 2010 he bit Otman Bakkal, in 2013 he bit Branislav Ivanovic, and in 2014 he bit Giorgio Chiellini. But by the looks of his teeth, it may not be entirely his own fault!

9. Own goal
Perhaps the most shameful thing you can do in soccer is to score an own goal. This happened to Aziz Bouhaddouz in the 2018 world cup but not only did he score in his own goal, but it caused his team to lose, in the last minute of extra time, against Iran, a team that had never won a single world cup match.

10. Penalty of Death
The most tragic and shameful thing to happen in soccer is the death of Andres Escobar. After scoring an own goal that caused Colombia to lose against the USA and be eliminated from the 1994 world cup. 1 month after arriving home he was shot by three men, one of them allegedly saying “Thanks for the own goal…”

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