13 Jobs That Pay You To Travel The World


So you want to see the world, but you don’t actually have the dough to shell out to make it happen? Not to worry, because there are tons of jobs out there that will actually pay you American money to jump on a plane and jet off to some exotic location. No matter what your education level or your skill set, there’s a job out there that will allow you see the world while you’re earning a little cash on the side. So, if you can’t control that wanderlust, or you just want a brief respite from your cubicle, here are some jobs that will pay the rent while they’re paying your fare.


1. Learn to Give Tours

If you’re willing to overcome the fact that most tour guide jobs don’t pay that well, then being a tour guide is a great way to visit a new place and simultaneously learn about its culture. What’s more, a lot of foreign countries are also open to giving English-speaking tour guides a shot for American tourists. It helps if you can speak the native language and it helps to be a quick learner.