9 Instances of Super Weird Health and Social Advice from Gwyneth Paltrow and Goop

vag steam

Is there any rational person on the planet who thinks Gwyneth Paltrow knows what she’s talking about? The star of Shakespeare in Love and Iron Man series may be somewhat charming on screen (even though that’s a matter for debate), but in the real world, she’s a fountain of bad advice. In fact, the Hollywood kid is so convinced of her own creative intelligence that she’s created her own online outlet — Goop — to dispense her dubious insight. Since the newsletter’s 2008 inception, Goop and Paltrow have devoted long hours to trying (and failing) to improve the spiritual and physical health of its readers. Too bad the newsletter’s writers and figurehead all seem to have their heads shoved where the sun doesn’t shine. Need some proof? Here are some of the biggest missteps from both Paltrow and her weird, little magazine.


1. The Jade Egg Treatment

In the last few weeks, Goop has come under fire for advocating the use of Jade Eggs to improve vaginal health. The product is so popular that it’s actually sold out on the site. Why anyone would feel the urge to stick a stone egg up their, well, you know, is beyond me. It’s even more bizarre when you hear an OB-GYN say that the porous nature of jade makes it a) really hard to clean, b) capable of inducing toxic shock, and c) so slippery that it could legitimately get stuck.

Jade Egg