19 Hilarious Spring Break Stories

In Case You Needed a Reminder Why March Is the Best Month

pool party

It may have been decades since your last spring break trip, but those wild memories stay with you for a lifetime. In case you needed a reminder of all the embarrassing and crazy things that usually occur during this time of year, we dug up a few hilarious spring break stories that are sure to make you LOL.


1. “While on Spring Break in Mexico, a Bunch of My Friends and I Went Swimming With the Dolphins. It Was Cool, You Hung Onto the Dolphin’s Fin As It Dragged You Around the Pool and Everyone Watched. I Was Having a Great Time Until the Dolphin Started to Pick up Speed…and My Board Shorts Slipped Off. As I Continued to Hang on for the Remainder of the Lap Around the Pool I Was Silently Wishing I Had Worn Underwear That Day.”

swim with dolphins