19 Brilliant, Beautiful, Bizarre Animal Hybrids

Boston Rabbiter

Ah, r/HybridAnimals, you give us so much for so little. If you’re not familiar with reddit, it’s like a public library, if a public library was run by, cultivated by, and truly representative of the common people. So, it’s dirty and crude, but also potentially inspiring on a pretty exultant level (you just have to dig for it … just like in real life). One of reddit’s lesser known threads, the subreddit called Hybrid Animals, is a showcase for graphic designers of all skill levels. Over the course of a single page, you can find something horrifying, something intriguing, and something you wish you could snuggle. It’s a maelstrom of visual design, an ode to the animals who populate our world. Here are a few of the creative creatures that have been dreamed up by some wild imaginations.


1. The Kiwingaroo

The kiwingaroo is the offspring of a kiwi and a kangaroo. It’s hard to determine if this little oddball is cute or simply disturbing. It looks like that little kid is having a tough time figuring that out as well. Honestly, this picture looks like it was taken moments before something either hilarious or monstrous happened.