The Craziest Japanese Commercials EVER!

We all know Japan is famous for having some crazy shiz.
And their TV commercials are no exception! Here are just some of the CRAZIEST!

1. Choco Balls
The idea behind Choco Balls is to ram a catchy tune into your mind. Whilst two comedians prance around in a virtual world.
They later sped the song up and made it even catchier… Right about now you should be a Choco Ball fan.

2. Cup Noodle
This is obviously a re-branding of Cup Noodle who are famous for bizarre commercials with celebrities…
The guy is sat at home enjoying a boring old cup noodle, when he is run-over by the re-branded product. Note that to avoid any danger, they substituted the old guy with a mannequin…
We then see a kettle pouring out more kettles… Okay…
Then a griffin, turning the hands of a clock which hit the shins of a schoolgirl with an empty cup noodle…
Some more weirdass scenes and then we see the whole family including the old grandpa. The dad then ascends into heaven, presumably from the taste… And now is a baby…

3. Seafood and Cheese
A woman is out on a cold walk, about to enjoy her Milk and Seafood Cup Noodle… Which sounds very appetising… When it gets weird. She’s attacked by Cheese and Pepper aliens which shoot globules of themselves into her cup. She likes it of course, but you can’t help wondering; where did she get the hot water from?

4. Pachinko
After acting for every movie in Hollywood, Nick Cage still had enough fight in him for some crazy Japanese commercials. Sat at a piano improvising a song for Sankyo, signing t-shirts for his fans who are triplets… This incestuous innuendo consequently gives him fever… And dancing with extraterrestrials.
But what is he advertising?
Slot machines!

5. Golf?
Now let’s see if you can guess what this commercial is advertising… Golf Clubs?
Mobile phones? Nintendo DS? A new Mario game? All wrong.
An energy drink of course!

6. Anabuki
This is a commercial for a construction company whose emphasis is on expansion. Ananbuki-chan is a “good girl” singing through the forest when joined by some good spirited animals. She sings about how the company expands dreams, expands hopes and… well… This is just a walk in the park compared to Studio Ghibli’s Pom Poko…

7. Banana Man
The Dole Banana Man goes about Japan dishing out bananas. Seems perfectly normal? He is also a great all-round worker… However even bananaman has serious relationship conversations… Or at least tries too.

8. Amutus
Try and guess what this advert is for…
Wrong. It’s for an online comic website. Amutus has used this kawaii pug in various of its commercials.

9. Uha Candy
Ever feel run down from the daily slog?
You need vitamin supplements!

Thanks for watching, leave me a like and let me know which one of these bizarre commercials did you think was the weirdest!?
See you next time!