10 Craziest Last Meal Requests On Death Row

10 Craziest Last Meal Requests On Death Row

Last meal requests on Death Row don’t just happen in the movies. It’s a real thing, and there are lots of weird ass things that people ask for. Here are the most bizarre of them.

1) Timothy McVeigh
This guy, responsible for 150 deaths, didn’t ask for any haute cuisine or exquisite wine. He just wanted ice cream, a lot of it, so he ordered 2 pints of mint chocolate chip ice cream. What a strange last meal? That must’ve been one hellava brain freeze!

2) James Edward Smith
This guy, didn’t ask for lots of food or drink. In fact, he didn’t order food at all. He just wanted to eat dirt, so he asked for a big portion of dirt which the prison finally denied. However, they gave him some yogurt instead. Well… they say “ask for anything…”

3) Gary Carl Simmons
This felon’s request makes you wonder if he’d ever tasted anything beyond junk food. He ordered 1 pizza hut supreme with double mushrooms, onions, jalapeños and double pepperoni, 1 pizza with 3 cheeses, olives, peppers, tomatoes, garlic, and Italian sausage, 10 packs of Parmesan and 10 bottles of ranch dressing, a can of nacho cheese sauce with jalapeño peppers, sliced jalapeños, 2 bottles of cherry coke, 2 large strawberry shakes, 2 pints of strawberry ice cream, and one family size of bag of Doritos…
The surprising thing here is that he ate it ALL.

4) Robert Dale Conklin
Aside from a criminal, you could tell this man was a foodie. And had spent a lot of time contemplating his decision; Filet mignon wrapped in bacon, shrimps salted in garlic butter with lemon, a baked potato with butter, sour cream, chives, real bacon bits, corn, asparagus with sauce, french bread with butter, goat’s cheese with melon, and for dessert, apple pie with vanilla ice cream, and an ice tea. Exquisite.

5) Adolf Eichmann
One of the main instigators of the Holocaust, he felt that food wasn’t good enough for him. He just wanted to get wasted at his last meal, perhaps to avoid suffering. So, he ordered a bottle of Caramel red wine to drink with his regular prison meal of cheese, bread, olives, and tea. What a mixture…

6) Peter J. Miniel
It’s as if this next guy was trying to beat an eating record or something. He ordered: 20 beef tacos, 20 beef enchiladas, 2 double cheese burgers, a jalapeño pizza, fried chicken, spaghetti, fruit cake, half a chocolate cake, half a vanilla cake, cookies in cream, caramel chunk ice cream, 2 cokes, 2 Pepsis, 2 root beers, and 2 glasses of orange juice. I’ve got indigestion just thinking about it…

7) David Leon Woods
This inmate wasn’t executed on his birthday but for some reason he asked for a birthday cake for his last meal. Perhaps he just wanted to feel special, one last time…

8) Andrew Lackey
It’s the last meal in your lifetime, and you can ask for anything… Well, maybe this prisoner just loved simple food, because he only asked for french fries and a turkey baloney and grilled cheese sandwich. I mean, sure, it’s tasty food but, really, for your last meal?

9) Roger Casement
All that this inmate asked for was a communion wafer. Shortly before the meal he had converted to Catholicism and stated: “I want to go to my death with the body of my God as my last meal.” Surprisingly he didn’t wash it down with a bottle of communion wine…

10) Stephen Woods
This prisoner must have been a bit obsessed with junk food, because for his last meal he couldn’t think of anything else. 2 pounds of bacon, a large four meat pizza, 4 fried chicken breasts, 5 fried chicken drumsticks, 2 hamburgers with bacon, fries, a dozen garlic bread sticks with sauce all washed down with 2 glasses of mountain dew, Pepsi, beer and sweet tea. And for dessert, 2 pints of ice cream. Definitely beats ordering a pile of dirt, so…

What would you eat if you could order anything?
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