You Had ONE Job… Compilation 2018

You Had ONE Job... Compilation 2018

Not everyone earns a living doing something they enjoy. Some people’s heart just isn’t in their job. But when it’s something as simple as knowing left from right, sometimes it makes you think; You had ONE job to do… And you failed.

1. And this is why you need to stay in shcool.
2. But what shall we call it?
Just… Simple Hero Style Cup.
Okay but what logo should we use?
Just slap on any super hero logo, they all look the same anyway.
3. Liked this book? Find your next favorite! Fifty shades of grey… Oh dear…
4. Notice the flooded park. Notice the nice and dry drain. Slightly higher than its surroundings…
5. Parking reserved only for people in ski lifts.
6. You know you hate your job when you can’t even be bothered to lift a bun.
7. Give me a G, give me an O, Oooooog Tigers!
8. Ironically, the employee assembling this packet forgot to put on his glasses.
9. Those big green monsters all look the same to me…
10. It’s not a mosaic masterpiece… It not hard to tile in a straight line, c’mon.
11. Again. Lazy.
12. This is just wrong on so many levels. Floor level and basement.
13. I can’t even…
14. This Exit is having an existential crisis.
15. There’s something wrong with this… But I can’t quite put my- Ah. There it is.
16. I’m fairly certain that isn’t actually Asia…
17. Hooray! I came 3st!
18. The guy doing the graphics just couldn’t be bothered…
19. This is an official BluRay
20. And we finish with this little slice of irony. And a Job Well Done.

Which of these did you think was the worst?
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