Where Are They Now? Young Stars You Would NEVER Recognise Today!

Where Are They Now? Young Stars You Would NEVER Recognise Today!

Child actors are adorable. So cute, memorising complicated lines and acting all grown up. However this pressure and sudden fame can often have devastating effects, and as the young star grows time is often treats them poorly.

1. Lindsay Lohan
Most of us know Lindsay from her constant trouble in the media than from her childhood roles on shows like Another World. Since her childhood modelling fame launched her into a career in movies she has changed her appearance in many ways for the worse, and has been in and out of rehab as many times as she has, jail.

2. Edward Furlong
Famous for his role of John Connor in Terminator 2, Edward was an idol for boys and heartthrob for girls. However time has not been kind on him along with fighting alcoholism and drug abuse which derailed his career.

3. Steven Anthony Lawrence
First appearing on “Married with Children” in 1996, Stephen was then on Disney Channel’s “Even Stevens” with Shia Lebeouf. He played the role of ‘Beans’ so well that it was hard for him to get other acting jobs and in 2015 was even spotted working in a mall as Santa’s Little Helper.

4. Macaulay Culkin
Arguably the biggest child star of the 90’s, who doesn’t remember Macaulay being “the man of the house” and rapping alongside M.J.? However, he recently shocked the media with a skeletal appearance, looking as if his fame had consumed him, not at all the adorable young boy of the 90’s

5. The Olsen Twins
We all remember the Olsen twins as babies on the show Full House, where to get around strict child labor laws, they took turns playing the same role. But where are they now? Since the early 2000’s the twins left the lime light to pursue their own careers in fashion.

6. Aaron Carter
If you grew up in the 90’s you’re sure to remember the Back Street Boys and no-doubt had a poster of Nick Carter. I know I did. Nick plugged his little brother Aaron into the spotlight and the child star quickly rose to fame. Unfortunately he fell out of it just as quick, also falling out with his brother and turning to narcotics.

7. Susan Olsen
Another classic show was the Brady Bunch, Susan Olsen starring as the youngest role; Cindy. However this role made it difficult for the actress to make friends in real life, especially after playing the role of a snitch. Susan no-longer looks like the innocent young Cindy and was fired from a Los Angeles radio station for getting into an online fight.

8. Amanda Bynes
Amanda rose to fame as a child actor on the show All That which springboarded her into her own show ingeniously titled; The Amanda Show. However in 2010 she announced a hiatus in her acting career and was arrested multiple times for DUI and other substance abuse before being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Since then she currently is getting her life back on track.

9. Jake Lloyd
Fame can be a heavy burden especially for children. So not surprising that after Jake’s hugely successful role as Anakin Skywalker he lost control and got into a high-speed pursuit, spent 10 months in prison and was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

10. Brian Bonsall
Most famous for his role as “Andy”, Michael J. Fox’s little brother in the show Family Ties, he went on to play other roles such as the son of Star Trek’s security officer Worf. However he stopped acting in 1995 and started various bands before getting arrested various times for assaulting his girlfriend and substance abuse. He is now on tour and looking completely changed since the role of Andy.

Which of these child actors’ transformations surprised you the most?

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