Watch How EARTH is Healing With Us Humans in Quarantine!

It’s no surprise that if you take away all the noisy humans, the environment is going to get a whole lot… quieter. But a growing consensus is that “Humans are the real virus” and Covid-19 is the cure and seems to be backed up by nature’s sudden flourish in our absence! Here are some facts!

1. Dolphins
Dolphins have been spotted in the Venice canals! Okay this isn’t a fact. There’s a lot of fake news flying around since trolls have now got a lot more time on their hands…
But they have been spotted in Mumbai’s Marine drive, since pollution and water traffic in the Arabian Sea has dropped to almost 0.

2. Pandas Had Sex
Zookeepers in Ocean Park, Honk Kong have been trying to get Ying Ying and Le Le to mate for 10 years. And finally, during the quarantine it actually happened. And all it took was for the 7 and a half million yearly visitors to stay at home! Of course they Live Streamed it so we could still watch though…

3. Less Traffic
Perhaps the most polluted city in India, Delhi, is now just a regular city, experiencing a colossal drop in its air pollution. So much so, that the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas are now visible for first time from some parts of India.

4. Animals Run Wild
People from all over the world have recorded never before seen animals running a muck right on their doorsteps.
The water in the Venice canals has become so clear without all the gondolas stirring up silt, that fish can now be seen and larger wildlife has ventured up the canals.

5. Air Traffic
The skies are clearer than ever without the constant hum of air traffic. However there is a theory that the lack of airplanes in the sky has led to less accurate weather reports, as forecasts are often corroborated by aircraft’s real-time experience. Others argue that due to the lack of pollution, weather reports have actually got MORE accurate…

6. Clean Air
The European Space Agency observed a 40% drop of nitrogen in China’s air, the gas emitted from cars and factories. They also found that particulate matter, a major air pollutant found in pollution, has fallen by 20-30% over large parts of China.

7. Still Earth
Seismologists are now detecting a much less distorted audio signature of the Earth’s upper layer. Since we stopped all our cars, excavations and construction sites and the general pitter-patter of our feet, the Earth’s surface has got a lot quieter, allowing scientist to get a clearer picture of our planet’s subterranean movements.

Which of these healing factors surprised you the most?
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