Top WORST Plastic Surgery Disasters

Top WORST Plastic Surgery Disasters

We all feel ugly from time to time, out of sorts when nothing looks right in the mirror and you feel like a big fat failure…
Some people however are so unhappy with their own image that a comfy pair of pajamas just won’t cut it and they go for plastic surgery. Which sometimes goes horribly wrong…

1) Renee Talley
She is a strip dancer who wanted to achieve the perfect rear. However, her multiple surgeries and implants didn’t seem to leave her satisfied, so she continued having them. Until it all collapsed and couldn’t be fixed. So, now, she has one regular cheek and the other one with a sunken implant that she can rotate. Nice.

2) Lindsay Lohan
She was used to be a movie star, and then something changed along with her looks. She underwent some surgeries that made her look terrible and was emphasized by her personal problems of course. Fortunately, in the end, she got her face fixed to look like it used to.

3) Amanda Lepore
She is an American model who, ever since she became a woman, was so obsessed with Jessica Rabbit and Marilyn Monroe that she underwent surgery after surgery to look just like them. The result? Well, in the beginning, when she was 18 she was quite beautiful, but now… well, let’s just say that beauty is in the beholder.

4) Hang Mioku
She was a beautiful Korean model who became addicted to surgeries, until it was her doctors who said “no more”. So she decided to DIY it. She injected herself a with whole bottle of silicone and cooking oil, and completely disfigured her face, changing her life as she knew it. So sad when already beautiful people become obsessed with vanity.

5) Donatella Versace
Before she was promoted she was natural and beautiful. Then, she became obsessed with surgeries and becoming younger, and what have we learnt about that? That it rarely goes well. She is no exception, her face looks… just… strange, nothing like it used to be, and not too nice either.

6) Pete Burns
The star of the band “Ded or Alive” was obsessed with plastic surgery. His goal? To look like a woman. He had a lot of health problems due to a failed lip surgery including pulmonary embolisms and near-fatal blood clots. Until sadly, he suffered a heart attack in 2016 that ended his life.

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