Top 5 Scariest Creatures Spotted IN REAL LIFE!

Although we may think we know a lot about our planet, the truth is over 65% of it remains unexplored. Scientists discover around 18,000 new species of plants and animals a year and estimate that around 75% of species on earth remain undiscovered.
So when a scary new creature appears we shouldn’t really be surprised. here are the
Top 5 Scariest Creatures Spotted in Real Life!

1. The Wessex Werewolf
This creature was caught by traffic cameras in Wessex way, England. It can be seen jumping across the highway on all fours. Its movements are too rapid for a human and its limbs are too long for a dog. conspiracists believe it to be “The Rake” a mythical humanoid creature around 6ft tall with pale grey skin that attacks humans and animals without provocation. it was allegedly sighted previously in 2006 while the CCTV footage is from 2007.

2. Gremlins
This CCTV camera in Cato nightclub Singapore caught some amazing footage late one night. a barstool begins to rock and then falls over for no apparent reason. later we see what appears to be a long-limbed baby dash past, moving too quickly for a baby. The footage is from 3 am and the owner says there are never any youngsters on the premises.

3. The Albino Bigfoot
In Pennsylvania, some residents had been complaining about hearing strange noises at night. upon hearing such noises one of the residents decides to grab a flashlight to investigate. this is what he sees.

4. Troll under the bridge!
In Kiev, Ukraine this video aficionado got some strange footage of something climbing underneath a pedestrian bridge. while it doesn’t move like a human it does seem humanoid. It may just be a slightly deformed maintenance man or a parkour panda, you decide!

5. The WTF!
A couple of friends came across this “creature” whilst walking in Utah. Melted into the ice in a symmetric formation they are slimy to the touch but do not react to stimuli. we still don’t know whether they are eggs, creatures, or some sort of fungi.

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