Top 10 Craziest Laws in Japan!

Land of crazy restaurants, cartoons, game shows, foods, festivals, and toilets. Japan’s laws could hardly be just plain normal.
Here are the Top 10 Craziest Laws in Japan!

1. Weight watchers
The Metabo law requires citizens between the ages of 40 to 74 to have their waistline measured once a year. Men must be under 33,5 inches and women 35,4, If they are over they have to attend weight loss classes.

2. Drink riding
Cycling is one of the best ways to get around in Japan, but if you’re going to drink, get a taxi. Riding under the influence is heavily fine and carries up to 5 years of jail time!

3. Spitting
While it’s completely legal to spit on the city streets, it’s illegal to spit in parks. With fines of up to 96 dollars its probably best to “hock” on the sidewalk.

4. Jumping the queue
It’s illegal to disturb the peace or cut the line whilst queuing in japan. It’s a fineable offence that can carry jail time and will be added to your criminal record. Good on you japan!

5. Ice cream
After an act performed by a mailman in 2006, it became illegal to place icecream in mailboxes. Perpetrators could face prison time and fines up to 4500 dollars!

6. The Shoshinsha mark
Learner drivers who have just passed their test must have this sticker on their car for their first year driving. It is used to let other drivers know of their inexperience at the wheel. Elderly drivers have a similar sticker called the Fukushi mark.

7. Climate control
In the Japanese culture, things of a racier nature are considered taboo, so much so that women are required to wear bras when entering an air-conditioned room or building. So as not to raise the… temperature!

8. Blowfish
It’s illegal to cook fugu or blowfish for more than 80 seconds, this is because the fish’s ovaries and liver contain a powerful neurotoxin called Tetrodotoxin that could spread throughout the fish if cooked for longer.

9. Moo Boo!
According to japan’s minor offences act, It’s illegal to scare a cow on purpose. Cow tipping is not allowed. (that’s trying to tip a cow over kind of tipping not randomly dumping cows in the countryside tipping).

10. Don’t trash cash
In Japan, it is illegal to damage or throw away money. This offence carries a penalty of a 2000 dollar fine or a 1-year jail sentence.

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