The Team Fight – Crazy Japanese Gameshow LOL

The Team Fight - Crazy Japanese Gameshow LOL

Comedy duo DownTown are probably Japan’s most prolific comedians. Hamada and Matsumoto are the captains of the black and red team, and battle their way through some of the most challenging and absurd gameshow duals ever aired on T.V.!
Perhaps the wackiest gameshow ever created, it rivals Takeshi’s Castle and even Brain Wall.

Join us now as we take a look at some of the crazy challenges they have to fight through in the best ever moments of “The Team Fight”!

Some of the challenges include;
Blind Boxing:
Where the two teams have to knock eachother off the platform (suspended over ‘mud’) by punching the sliding poles. Much like a game of table soccer.

Shin Kendo
Where two kendo swords slide down a ramp towards the team who have to stop them using only their shins.
If the sword makes it through to the Kendo Master, he might just explode…

Ball of Death:
Held at the top of a ramp is a massive ball. The team members must stand at the bottom and stop the huge ball, or be knocked backwards into the dreaded ‘mud’. The inclination of the ramp changes each round, making the challenge ever harder.

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