The Scariest Roads in the Entire World!

The Scariest Roads in the Entire World!

We always trust in our government to build nicer roads to drive our fancy cars on. But sometimes… we find they are not as nice as we thought they’d be. Here’s a list of the Worst Roads in the World!

1) Patiopoulo-Perdikaki Road, Greece
This is a crazy road that seems like a joke. It has 23,5Km with a 500m elevation, with no signs, lines, markings, traffic lights, also it’s full of potholes, curves and traffic… No thanks!

2) Taroko Gorge Road, Taiwan
It has everything. The area is full of earthquakes, so the road is breaking all the time and it has landslides. The fact that is extremely narrow doesn’t make it easier, it’s not uncommon to see cars falling into the abyss.

3) Skippers Canyon Road, New Zealand
This is so narrow and difficult to drive in that not even car insurances cover it. If you have to go through it anyway, just pray for not meeting any car coming the opposite way. One of you will have to drive back a long distance.

4) Passage du Gois, France
This is a terrible road that gets completely flooded and disappears into the ocean. 4,3 Km of risking your life just because.

5) Luxor-al-Hurghada Road, Egypt
Well, let’s say, the surroundings of this road are full of… non-desirable people, making it very dangerous. So that, the drivers usually switch off their lights so they cannot see them. But the forget they can’t see either and crash all the time.

6) Eyre Highway, Australia
Basically, this road is sooo boring that you could pass out. Let me explain, it’s a 1675Km long road, completely flat, and straight. There’s nothing else, just some wombats, camels and kangaroos. People fall asleep while driving…

7) Zoji la Pass, India
This is not a proper road, it’s so full of mud that the vehicles often get stuck. Also, it’s so narrow that two cars can’t drive next to each other. So these 9 km feel like they were 90!

8) Halsema Highway, Philippines
Due to its elevation, it suffers severe fogs and rains that provoke mudslides and falling rocks. And that makes very easy that you can have a terrible accident.

9) Tianmen Mountain Road, China
This road is so full of curves, that even with protections along the whole 11 Km, and not being so narrow as the one we’ve already mentioned, it’s full of accidents. So, not the best road…

10) Karakoram Highway, China to Pakistan
This is like the mixture of all the evils in the world. It’s a combination of fog, blizzards, even floodings combined with the non-desirable people we mentioned before and high elevation. One of these will make you suffer for sure.

Would you dare to drive any of these roads?
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