The Rock’s TOP 5 Million Dollar Mansions!! $$$

Dwayne Johnson or “The Rock” is a well-known wrestler and Hollywood actor but what a lot of people don’t know about is his love for real estate. so hold on tight as we take a look Inside The Rock’s Million Dollar Mansions

1. Florida mansion
In 2012 The rock bought this mansion in southwest ranches for 3.4 million. This 13,000 square foot property boasts 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, a home cinema, a large swimming pool with jacuzzi, and a gym.

2. Hidden hills Hollywood
This mansion cost 5 million and includes a large outdoor party area, a huge master bedroom, and ensuite, a large garage, an outdoor barbeque area, a large swimming pool with… yes, you guessed it, a jacuzzi and the rocks “signature” gym.

3. Powder Springs Georgia
This mansion comes with 46 acres of land and a 9.5 million dollar price tag. It has 8 spacious bedrooms and 6 spacious bathrooms, a library, a music room, various lounges, an outdoor dining area, stable and a large swimming pool with a jacuzzi and a gym.

4. Florida ranch
Costing approximately 4.5 million this ranch has 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, a full outdoor kitchen, 2 three-car garages, and a large swimming pool. [whisper]With a jacuzzi and a gym

5. London mansion
This property faces a lake and has 9 bedrooms, 5 living rooms, a study, a tennis court, and 2 swimming pools, and a gym.
The rock only rented this property and didn’t buy it because apparently, he felt it was lacking something.

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