The Ocean’s CREEPIEST Underwater Secrets!

The Ocean's CREEPIEST Underwater Secrets!

Do you remember those days when you were peacefully swimming in the Ocean? Well… those days are over! Here are the Creepiest Ocean Phenomena That Will Freak You Out!

1) Glass Squid
Starting with a mild one, you could find yourself surrounded by these transparent squid anywhere in the North Atlantic. Their strange self-defense mechanism is to swallow water, swelling themselves up, making them look more threatening.

2) Pyrosome
This creepy worm-shape thing is made of hundreds of creatures called “zooids”. They actually work together as a filter to collect plankton. They also glow in the dark and you can see them for 100m. Their length can reach up to 30m! Creepy!!!

3) Rogue Waves
These huge waves happen every once in a while and can destroy ships and anything in their wake. They’re caused by varying speeds of gravity after a period of calm. Ideal for crazy surfers.

4) Bioluminescence
Have you ever seen the ocean glowing? You can enjoy this phenomenon in the Indian Ocean, it’s so impressive you would think it is something magical, but it’s actually phytoplankton releasing luminous chemicals.

5) Giant Beached Whales
This is a sad phenomenon where sick or dying whales are drawn to beaches where they slowly die. As they are so heavy it makes them very difficult to transport anywhere so many insensitive governments have them blown up.

6) Seahorses
In seahorses it is the male that gives birth to around 15 hundred eggs! The pregnancy lasts 45 days after which, the female decides whether the male has to take care of them or not. The male doesn’t get a say in the matter…

7) Sea Pens
These are colonies of polyps linked to the floor by a bulb, so that they look like Quills in an inkwell. You can find them in New Zealand. Very strange.

8) Underwater Crop Circles
This beautiful phenomena is the result of puffer fish courtship. It can be easily seen in Japan. Although it must be exhausting, because they spend 24 hours a day for a week making them.

9) Christmas Island Red Crabs
You realize how big a colony of crabs is when the government closes an entire road for a whole week just to let them migrate… There are 43 million of them, though.

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