The Awkward Truth About Parenting

The Awkward Truth About Parenting

Most people will tell you that having kids is the biggest joy in life. However, the reality is those moments are often eclipsed by mess, destruction, mischief, indignity and humiliation. Here is the awkward truth about parenting.

1. Kids can be destructive monsters.
Imagine coming home to this scene.

2. They can get stuck in tight places.

3. The sleep deprivation will lead you to take extreme measures.

4. Kids can turn your life upside down – and theirs too.

5. You’ll suffer an endless stream of indignities.
Consider yourself a human diaper.

6. Sometimes they overshare.
Yup, this happens.

7. Kids’ creativity knows no bounds.
Or dogs?

8. This seems like innocent fun between sisters…
…until you have to scrub off permanent sharpie ink from two screaming faces.

9. Your body is not your own after having kids.
This can mean pedicures, getting doodled on and the occasional rough night…

10. Toddler curiosity is limitless.
Everything is fair game for the flush test.

11. But once in a while, you get to be the hero.
This human swing gets the Dad of the Year award.

What surprised you the most about being a parent?
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