Scariest Japanese Pranks Compilation! LOL

The Japanese are very superstitious… For example, the number 4 “Shi”, can also mean Death. So not only will they skip this number when counting, but many buildings, especially hospitals, don’t even have a fourth floor! You can imagine then how easy it is to prey on these hugely superstitious people!

1. Freaky Boy
On this episode of Monitoring, an actress is being interviewed for a part on a tv show. One of the producers starts to put her on edge by feeling sudden chills. So much so that the helpful victim fetches her a blanket. The topic gets on to ghosts and the producer shows her a flask of salt that she supposedly carries around with her, to keep evil spirits at bay. A scary voice then really puts her on edge as the producers don’t seem to hear it. She has one of the producers make sure there is nobody there, before applying more salt.
Finally, with her nerves now completely shot, the freaky white boy appears. And she tries to escape through the pull-open doors.

2. Haunted House
This young couple invite their friend round for a nice meal. What he doesn’t know is that he is the next victim of Monitoring. He instantly notices the strange painting of a little girl and is a bit creeped out by it. Then the lamp behind his hosts flickers on and off. Of course the two instigators are conveniently facing the wrong direction and see nothing. Like when the TV turns on. The instigators can’t help but laugh at his reaction, nearly blowing the prank. He hears a voice supposedly coming from the painting.
Now super jumpy, he’s pushed over the edge from an appearance of a figure that once again the instigators fail to see.
The situation reaches a climax when there’s a call at the apartment and no-one is there, but when the victim looks he sees the girl from the painting.
The final sting is when one of the instigators comes back from the toilet…

3. Room Scare
A guy awaiting a meeting is told to wait one moment for the executives to arrive.
When this happens. He starts to get an eerie feeling that he is not alone when a drop of blood falls from the ceiling.

4. Elevator Scare
An elevator is called, to take this young woman to her important meeting.
However the lights go out and a dark surprise is waiting when they finally come back on…
This guy gets an even bigger scare than the first girl…

5. Deadly Make-up
This actor is left alone in a room, whilst waiting for the make-up artist to arrive…
Suddenly the hair-dryer starts on its own. He manages to turn it off, but that’s just the tip of the ice-berg…

Which one of these pranks made you laugh?
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