Pranksters That Accidentally Took People’s Lives

Pranksters That Accidentally Took People's Lives

Some jokes are funny but some are just dumb. Some are soo dumb they have actually cost lives. Here are some of the stupidest pranks that accidentally took lives.

1. BB rifle Prank
Nicholas Bell and Jeff Charbonneau were staying at the home of a mutual friend, when Nicholas thought he’d prank Jeff. He had shot him before with a BB rifle and whilst Jeff slept he thought he’d give him a rude awakening with his friend’s BB rifle. However when he pulled the trigger, too late he discovered he was actually holding a loaded .22 calibre rifle. He quickly called 911, but his stupid prank had already taken his friend’s life.
Bell was sentenced to one year in pr*son.

2. Stop Sign Prank
19 year-old Seth Stonerock thought it would be hilarious to cover a Stop sign in petroleum jelly and cling film. This was all fun and games until Jeanne Shea and her sister drove straight into the junction, failing to see the sign, and collided with another car and were killed.
Stonerock was sentenced to four years for involuntary manslaughter.

3. Egg Prank
Fifteen-year-old Adrian Broadway and her friends snuck around to their friends house one night and proceeded to throw eggs at his car before covering it with leaves. However the boy’s father Willie Noble, obviously did not find this funny and pulled out a sh*tg*n and fired at the car full of fleeing teenagers. Adrian was hit in the head and d*ed instantly.
Noble was sentenced to 30 years imprisonment.

4. Queen Elizabeth Prank
On 2 December 2012, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, was taken to Hospital due to “severe morning sickness.” So the hosts of a radio programme, called the hospital impersonating Queen Elizabeth II asking to speak to her granddaughter.” Nurse Jacintha Saldanha passed them through, and then 3 days after the prank aired committed suicide.

5. Sparkler Prank
18 year old Eric Morelli thought it would be funny to wake up his friend, by throwing a lit sparkler firework through his bedroom window. However the sparkler started a blazing fire which quickly engulfed the apartment taking the life of Kristen Milano, his friend’s sister.
Morelli was charged with first degree manslaughter and three counts of first-degree reckless endangerment.

6. Living The Dream
Sam Minogue and friend were on a working holiday in Queensland “living the dream”. They had stopped the 4×4 on a long dirt track so that Sam could urinate. When he went to get back in the car, his friend thought it would be funny to drive off pretending to leave him behind. However when he reversed back again he accidentally hit Sam mortally wounding him. Despite his efforts to rush him to hospital, young Sam Minouge was already dead on arrival.

7. Chair Prank
Danny Vazquez pulled a hilarious prank on co-worker Peter Atem, pulling away his chair as Peter sat down. “I’m gonna get you for that.” threatened Peter and sure enough the next day, he stabbed Danny to death. Peter Atem, was convicted of first-degree murder.

Which of these tragic bad jokes shocked you?
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