People Who Were Caught Distracted On The Job!

Ever caught yourself daydreaming at work? Perhaps a little bored? Normally it’s not a problem… Until it is! Here are some People Who Were Caught Distracted On The Job!

1. D.U.Icecream
Bus drivers tend to be on a tight schedule and may snack whilst driving to keep to it. But in 2013 passengers of a Chicago bus who were worried due to constant swerving, videoed the driver eating an ice cream sundae! The Chicago transit authority responded by stating “safety is our priority!”

2. Dist”RACK”ted
Spanish tv show “Mira Quien Salta!” or ”splash!” involves celebrities learning to dive. Actress Patricia Martinez managed to distract a cameraman with her amazing “talents”. The cameraman focused heavily on her buoyancy aids before catching himself and returning to normal footage.

3. CATastrophy
Eduardo Serio cares for big cats at the black jaguar white tiger sanctuary in California. Eduardo got distracted by a white lion and dharma “a leopard” snuck up behind him. Dharma pounced, luckily Aztlan the tiger intercepted the attack saving Eduardo from a mistake which could have cost him his life.

4. Mobile Movie
Amber Farnsworth was shocked when she caught Liberty cab driver Balde Mamadou constantly looking at his lap. She decided to video him once she realized he was watching his favorite tv show instead of the road! Mamadou now has to drive with a supervisor in his car and has had to have a camera installed.

5. And the winner is!
PricewaterhouseCoopers accountant Brian Cullinan made a colossal mistake at the 2017 Oscars by mixing up the envelopes and giving the wrong one to Warren Beatty. He was distracted by his cell phone because he was tweeting photos of Emma Stone.

6. Pokemon no!
Pokemon go was a massive success but some people couldn’t stop playing it, even at work. This led to a lot of companies issuing warnings and Boeing even issued a ban following an incident with a user nearly getting hurt due to playing the game!

7. Dropping the ball
NYPD was distracted by the new year’s celebrations in times square so they can be forgiven for missing a carefully planned heist. At 12.01 three thieves broke into Gregg Ruth getting away with 6 million dollars worth of gems.

8. Under siege
24-year-old reporter Katya Leick was sent to Fort Riley to cover victory week. She got distracted by some cicadas attacking her and completely lost when one landed on her face!

Have you ever been distracted at work?
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