Most EPIC Parkour Stunts EVER!

Imagine a gold-medallist gymnast breaking free from the gym and running wild across the roofs of the city… That’s the level of strenuous acrobatics you can expect from modern parkour athletes. Some believe that Jackie Chan was the grandaddy of this urban sport mixing his athletic improvisations into movies since the 1960’s.

But Parkour actually has its roots in military obstacle course training or parcours du combattant made popular in the 80’s by David Belle and his group of Yamakasis.
So let’s take a look now at some of the craziest parkour stunts on the web!

Parkour legend Damien Walters built a special swing in his backyard, because he wondered if he’d be able to somersault over his house…
When you’re out there cat-grabbing cornices and swinging on drainpipes, some people can get angry and call the cops. Which are sometimes very amicable and let the traceur finish.

Parkour is often confused with Urban Climbing but it’s not the same thing. Parkour traceurs use dozens of vault techniques to make their way gracefully through an urban obstacle course. Urban Climbers or Builderers climb buildings in order to get the most death defying selfie. Like a contest to see who can put themselves in the most danger. Or who cares the least for their own life…
Honestly, don’t try this yourself.

Sábastien Foucan is another forefather of parkour and was another member of the Yamakasi. He participated on Ninja Warrior and performed one of the most famous parkour scenes in movie history in Casino Royale. Perhaps one of the inventor of Freerunning’s most epic moments was when he jumped the Millenium Stadium as it was opening…

Which one of these insane parkour moments shocked you the most?
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