#LifeHack Level: INSANE! +30 More

We are all living in 2018. But these people are living in 3018!
Seriously, some of them must be from the future or even another planet.
What happens when a privileged mind is put to work on menial tasks…

Stick an earbud up your sleeve and listen to your pre-recorded test answers!
Or just do what I do and memorise all the answers…

Festival Life-hack. This guy buries his vodka in field weeks before the festival begins, and then digs it up! Like an alcoholic treasure hunt.

Finally a good use for fruit, he thinks as he eats his cake.

Find yourself devouring a whole box of cereal in one sitting? Just pour the milk straight in!
Better still, eat 3 boxes!

Tired of oil splatter burns? Use an empty bottle!

Like a Boss…
Although you could just use your hair?

This guy in church actually had a hollowed out bible and was scrolling instagram on his iphone when everyone else was singing!

Now why didn’t you think of that?

How to cut your dog’s nails; get an old handbag, cut some holes in it, hang your dog up, and no more running away…

Make a swimming pool right in your own apartment! Life hack level; G*D.

Just walking around, charging my phone… With the sun…

Tired of poor visibility when you floss? Just use the mouthpiece from this game. Floss like a boss.

Why not record your favorite plays? Although if you’re going to do that, why not just watch it on the TV?

Make your SmartWatch even smarter!

Why don’t they just make a bigger bottle!?

When there’s standing room only, make your own seat!

Want a new way of sneaking food into the cinema? Buy a polystyrene bowl and boom. Instant snack sack! Doesn’t work too well for guys, though…

Need to prop up your iPhone? Use your phone charger! Whaaat?

Ah a beautiful, award-winning beach. The perfect place to get away from it all. In virtual reality.

Hole in your sock? Fix it easily by painting your nail…

Hands free life hack 101.

Take your garbage out in your car! Forget global warming!

Genius. Wait a minute? How is that table even supported?? There’s no legs?

The benefits of having a doctor in the family…

If your hairdresser doesn’t have on of these, they should get one!
Or, you could always cut your own hair?

Forget taking your own seats to the beach. Just make them out of sand!

No room for a tree? This is all you need.

This woman is definitely from the future…

Heat up your spring rolls with the toaster!

Avoid car splash with this rather elaborate plastic sheet ring. Although when the bus gets there, you’d have to roll up the soaking wet plastic sheet… And put it in… Your handbag?

When you’re sick of paying for suncream.

We’ve all been here… No peaking!

This kid has to be from the future…

Probably the most original way to take a selfie… Wait… Is he making sandwiches… In the bathroom???

Toasted cheese sandwiches, in the toaster!

I asked my mom for my charger back and she shouted; Call Toby.

Which of these life-hacks made you laugh?
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