Creepiest Trees in the World!

Creepiest Trees in the World!

The world isn’t just full of creepy kids. It’s packed with all kinds of creepy, and today we’re going to be looking at trees!
Some of the world’s weirdest ent-like growths.
Hold on to your pine-nuts, here we go!

1. The Grim Reaper.
This tree looks hauntingly like the grim reaper. A skeletal face protruding from a deathly hood with an expression of sheer terror.

2. Trick Or Tree?
What is the mystery behind these spooky Halloween-like trees?
A flooded lake in Pakistan sent millions of spiders and other insects upwards, seeking refuge in the branches where they slowly veiled the trees in their silky webs.

3. The Scream.
This skeletal tree is not only dead and rotting, but appears to be shocked and angry about it as it appears to be letting out a terrifying death rattle.

4. Grave Tree.
Not only has this tree completely engulfed a gravestone, but its age actually coincides with the year engraved on the stone and is rumoured that it grew from a seed swallowed by the deceased…

5. Hollow Inside.
Could these two trees be perpetually howling from the same empty hollowness within?

6. This creepy tree looks uncannily like a cat. That’s so eerie…

7. At first glance this tree looks like it could be a marble sculpture right out of the renaissance. But it is actually Nature’s way of showing us coincidences do exist.

8. The Devil Tree.
Encountering this whilst strolling through the forest could well near scare you to death. But on a second glance, it’s STILL flipping freakish! The Devil Tree is the result of a naturally fallen tree, complete with encrusted rocks.

9. Cousin It.
This overgrown fallen tree looks like a mix between the Muppets’ Animal and Cousin IT..

10. The Necronomicon
This tree’s twisted rictus looks spookily like the face of the Evil Dead’s Necronomicon…

Which of these spooky trees creeped you out?
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And now the joke of the day!
How do trees access the Internet? They just log in!