Creepiest Things Kids Have Said To Their Parents! – Part 2

Creepiest Things Kids Have Said To Their Parents! - Part 2

Kids say the darndest things. Especially when you’re least expecting it, so here we have gathered some more of the creepiest things ever!

When my son was 3, he started singing a Polish nursery rhyme that my husband’s grandmother used to sing to all the babies in the family… She passed away before my son was born. We don’t speak, or sing, Polish….

My daughter, from a severe brain injury when she was 11 weeks old, was in a coma for three days. For years afterwards, when it rained she would comment, “Smells like God.”
So if you ever wondered what God smells like, you’re welcome.

My daughter was about 5 when she says you’re the best mommy I’ve ever had. I said, I’m the only mommy you’ve ever had. She looks at me and says no your the 3rd one, but I like you the best.

I was hiking alone in the woods with my son who was 7. It was eerie quiet. Out o nowhere he says “The Woods demand a sacrifice.”

“We’re all gonna die.”
“I know sweetie. That’s just part of-”
“You’re gonna die tomorrow.”

When my niece was 7, she asked why we were keeping all the dead grandmas in the attic.
Then she laughed.

Putting my half-brother down for a nap he goes. “I can’t sleep with that mean little boy staring at me.”
*points to dark closet*
We decided to go to the beach instead…

5 year old: “Can I marry you?”
Me: “No sorry sweetie I have a boyfriend.”
5 year old: (thinks for a second) “What if he died?”

At the store he suddenly grabs my hand, squeezes REAL HARD and says, “Mama when you die, I’m gonna make a little-you so I can keep you always. Like with your skin, and eyes, but probably not your insides.”

Woke up in the dead of night, in total darkness. Thought someone had called for me, but all was quiet. Didn’t notice that my 3yr old had crept in and was standing directly beside my bed until he whispered into my ear “I used to have a train-set when I was a grandpa.”

My 3YO: “Mama, what happens to us when we die?” ;e, panicking, not ready; “Oh, um, well-”
3YO: “Oh nvm I remember. We become new again.”
Smiles, walks away.

I woke up to 3 yo kid #4 petting my head. I asked what she needed and she said ‘I wish I had a piece of you that I could carry with me all the time. Like your finger.’ Haven’t slept soundly since.

My son at five years old:
“Daddy, I’m going to eat you up.”
“Yeah, I’m gonna cut you into little pieces.”

When I was about 16 I was in a grocery store with my mom and a tiny child I had never seen before suddenly latched himself around my leg. Wouldn’t let go. Kept insisting I was his “First mommy.” Sobbed when pried off me by his actual (??) mother.

When my twins were born one of them took longer to talk. When she did start it was in fluent Spanish. Which we don´t speak at home. Nor does anyone who had come into contact with her.

Did these bizarre quotes creep you out?
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