Modern cars are making it harder and harder for thieves to steal them, but as security systems become more complex, thieves become more cunning!
Here are 7 Crazy Ways THIEVES Will Try To STEAL YOUR CAR!

1. Wireless
With modern keyless ignitions and remote unlocking, Thieves have a new tactic. They go up to your house, normally close to the front door because that’s where most people leave their keys. with a signal intensifying transmitter they clone your key fob and send a signal to the car, the car pings back to the transmitter which relays it to your key fob, the fob responds and the clone is complete. Bye-bye BMW!

2. Alarming
If you live in a dense residential area, thieves may intentionally set your alarm off in the middle of the night, forcing you to disable it, so as not to disturb your neighbors and enabling them to steal without being disturbed.

3. False identity
The VIN number is a car’s identity number, everyone is unique. This scam involves hiring a car, then finding a similar car, and copying its VIN. They falsify new paperwork using this second VIN and sell the hired car. Later they steal back the hired car and return it to the hire company.

4. A handful
Some thieves will just wait till you come out of a shop loaded with bags and follow you back to your car. Once they know which car is yours and with the advantage that your hands are full, they’ll attack and take your keys and possibly your groceries too!

5. Mechanic
Another way thieves can operate is by working at a mechanics, there they have ample time to copy your address, your cars VIN number or clone the keys, passing this information on so their buddies can rob it later.

6. Lucky penny
Thieves may place a coin between your door handle and the door. When you lock your car this will stop the door from locking and the central locking system will click open again leaving your car ripe for the picking.

7. Blocked In
In a shopping mall or similar, Thieves will get an announcement made saying that your car is blocking them in. when you go to move your car, the group will jump you and take your keys

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