Crazy SUPER HERO Gadgets You CAN BUY!

If you could have a superpower which would you choose? Everybody asks this question at some point in their life and its an interesting question to ask, especially if you are asking an engineer who can make it happen!

1. Jet pack
This jet pack will cost you between $300,000 and $400,000 but it can reach speeds of 85mph and features a heads up display to let you know how much fuel you have left, which is a must, considering it only holds enough for ten minutes flight! Just imagine traveling to work or school in it though!

2. Wolverine claws
You can now buy a kit that includes servos and an advancer technologies muscle sensor so that you can build your own Wolverine claws. The kit will cost you $83 but you will have to download the schematics and 3d print some things too!

3. Gecko gloves
Students at Stanford University have created some “gecko gloves” that are capable of supporting 200 pounds each, allowing you to climb a glass wall. Saw shaped nanofibers crush against the glass when weight is applied creating a huge amount of friction when the weight is released the fibers go back to their original state and friction is reduced.

We haven’t quite unlocked the mystery of invisibility, but this invention might just be the key. It’s called Quantum stealth and its made from a material called lenticular lenses. This corrugated sheet reflects light around the object behind the screen, hiding it, whilst the background is still visible.

5. Exoskeleton
The Onyx by Lockheed Martin is a lightweight exoskeleton designed to take the stress off your knees and transfer it throughout the skeleton, allowing the wearer to lift more, walk more, and tire, less. one step closer to Tony Stark!

6. The Human Torch
Well…. nowhere near it really, but still really cool. imagine being able to throw fireballs!
small fireballs, but still cool. The Pyro mini fire shooter is worn on your wrist and has two barrels, giving you two fireballs before reloading. it charges via USB and uses flash paper to create the fireballs. It costs $149 and comes with enough flash paper for 120 fireballs.

7. Mechanical arms
When millionaire Erik Finman heard of Aritou Meehan’s idea to go to comic-con with a set of working Dr. Octavius arms, he got together a team of engineers to make it happen. the prototype is limited, but future plans are for a bigger, stronger set capable of lifting heavier objects or even used as extra hands in the operating theatre.

8. Hoverboard
Whether it’s the green goblin’s, the silver surfer’s, or Marty McFly’s you have to admit hoverboards are cool and if you have a spare $250,000 you can get a Flyboard Air. Franky Zapata’s invention and reach speeds of 93 mph and go up to around 10,000ft.

9. Bulletproof
Do you want to be bulletproof but aren’t prepared to compromise on style? if so, you can buy a full 3 piece suit that’s completely bulletproof. Garrison Bespoke uses carbon nanotubes sewn inside the material to absorb the bullet’s energy. The suit will cost you around $20,000, if this is too expensive, or you just don’t value your legs, you can buy just the jacket from other companies for around $2000.

10. Magnetic shoes
If you want to be like magneto you can buy these magnetic shoes which roofers use to give the extra grip whilst working on a metal roof, and they’ll cost you around $230. if you want a more powerful option, there are instructions online for you to make your own. you’ll need quite a lot of materials but it’s worth it to be able to walk on the ceiling!

Which superhero power would you like a gadget for?