Crazy Japanese Gameshow Compilation LOL!

Crazy Japanese Gameshow Compilation LOL!

Japanese television has to be the strangest and most spectacular in the world. Where pretty much anything can happen. And that’s without even getting into Japanese gameshows.

1. Pantyhose
What kind of a game could possibly require both contestants to put a pair of pantyhose over their heads? Only a Japanese tug of war!

2. Takeshi’s Castle
Before American Ninja Warrior, Ultimate Beastmaster or any of the other Western variations, was Takeshi’s Castle. Where each week General Tani led a new group of one hundred ill-prepared contestants through the frankly dangerous trials and pitfalls in order to storm the castle. The contestant who manages to overthrow the evil Takeshi wins a million yen.

3. Binocular Soccer
Binocular Soccer is exactly what it sounds like. Apart from the outlandish presenters, the contestants have backwards binoculars strapped to their heads so everything looks very far away. The first person to score a goal wins.

4. The Team Fight
The Team Fight is a hilarious gameshow hosted by comedy duo DownTown who not only host the show but participate in the challenges as leader for each team.

5. Stealthiest Animal
Why is a turkey going all “kaiju” on this delicate domino ralley? How is this a gameshow premise? And now an anteater? It’s guess the Stealthiest Animal!
Which animal will follow the path without setting off the dominos?

6. Slicing Veg with a car
How do they come up with these things?

7. What is Under the Kotatsu?
This game consists of a panel of bare-legged police detectives trying to guess the criminal underneath the table. Using only their bare legs.

Which one of these gameshows did you think was the craziest?

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