Craziest Japanese TV Shows!

We all know that Japanese TV shows have some of the weirdest and funniest things ever, so jumping straight in, we have at number one;

1. Sticky Glue
You’re headed out to the office for a normal days work. When you walk straight into a human sized cockroach trap.

2. Massage Chair
A nice relaxing chair is suddenly propelled down a steep ski slope.

3. Fake Floor
Fake floor traps. Polystyrene covering a water pit. Very funny!

4.Mystery Box
All types of weird are waiting to be discovered in these mystery boxes!

5. Blow pipe
One of the grosser ones. Two of the contestants on this show are terrified to discover the item which will be placed in the tube; fried cockroaches. It is inserted into the tube and the two then have a ‘blow of war’ attempting to push the insect into the other’s mouth.

6. Pizza Toss
Here a national frisbee champion comes to the aid of a poor couple who are locked out of their apartment but desperately need to cook a pizza. The helpful volunteer has to toss a pizza from the adjacent balcony into the microwave oven. He even manages to shut the door.

7. Sokkuri Sweets
Featured on the show the Ultraman Dash, participants have to guess whether the objects are made of candy, only by biting them.

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