Craziest Japanese Pranks Compilation! LOL – Part 4

Japanese culture can be strange to say the least, but even stranger is their impeccable ability to prank unsuspecting victims in some of the most ridiculous ways imaginable….

1. Biker
In this prank celebrities are sat in a room to watch a video apparently about an interesting bike race…
Some of their reactions are priceless.

2. Scream Olympics
In this prank celebrities are escorted into a waiting room by a PR and encouraged to read a magazine while they wait…
5 versions of the PR appear from nowhere as a counter clocks how long her scream was for. An umpire then enters to announce the result.
Who will win the scream Olympics?

3. Surprise Call
On the variety show Yamapi No Kiss there is a section called Surprise Call, where celebrities are prank called and forced to speak English…

4. Reverse Dokkiri
In this prank the victim is told that she is to prank Jurina by confessing that she is in love with her. As far as she knows the prank ends there. But the joke is really on her when Jurinas’ pretend girlfriend walks in.

5. Angry Mob
Angry mob pranks are a great example of how far Japanese shows will go to terrify the victim…

6. Crowded Elevator
In this dokkiri the target boards an elevator to the 8th floor. She has it all to herself. But not for long…

7. Wake-up Call
In this absolutely insane hidden camera prank the victim is serenely sleeping in a specially prepared cabin. And is about to get the wake-up call of his life…
It’s terrifying to see him only held in by two thin straps!

8. Evil Chairs
And finally there’s the time girl-band Momoiro Clover Z was pranked on Damasareta Taishou. First each member is victim of a chair prank.
And finally the whole group is pranked together…

Which one of these Japanese pranks did you think was the Craziest!?
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