Celebs on CRAZY KOREAN Gameshows! LOL

We all love blockbuster movies starring familiar acting legends and many of us enjoy crazy and random gameshows. But what happens when Hollywood stars wander into the realms of madness, crossing the comfortable safety barrier into the height of Korean madness?

Jack Black is no stranger to edgy shows. Always giving 100% with no regard for his own prestige or even safety. So it’s no wonder that he found himself on the completely bonkers Infinite Challenge show in Korea in 2016. From trying to imitate Korean Pop songs, to having a head to head with another contender with stockings over their heads. But what was the challenge? Not to see which looked the most like a Lego man, but to be the first to blow out a candle. Among the challenges he also had to choose one of his contenders to compete in a marshmellow holding contest. Not to diss the world-famous rock-star but he won pretty easily. And even had room to spare.
He goes on to win a pillow fight, and has a funny lie detector test.

Running Man is a crazy South Korean Variety Show that somehow ended up featuring these three. You might recognise them… Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg and Henry Cavill.
Before the release of Mission Impossible: Fallout, some PR thought it would be great to get them on the famously bonkers variety show and we’re so glad they did.
Simon is first up, in the Metal Box Challenge, chooses his opponent and the two have to guess the contents of the box using only their eyes.
Team Fallout win.
Next up Henry tries to use his x-ray vision to see inside the box, but ends up cheating completely.
Team Fallout also compete against the Running Man Team in a hilarious mystery item challenge…
And finally the show reaches a spectacular climax with a team game of… Pop-up Pirate.
Yeh… One of the most outrageous Korean game-shows and the deciding battle is with a child’s board game. According to the producer, the challenges could not require the actors to exert much physical stress. Twister would have made them sweat too much.

Hugh Jackman finds himself on the South Korean show “Star King” where he sumo wrestles the presenter…
Dances to Gangnam Style with famous K-Pop band “Sister”…
Shows just how many calories he eats a day…
Pumps weights with his trainer, and then is caught up in a weird muscle man contest…
Honestly, it’s as if the three bodybuilders are intent on demonstrating they are just as strong as Hugh Jackman.
It’s kind of cringeworthy. But the Hollywood star takes it all in his stride like a true professional.

Finally Shaquille O’Neal finds himself going back to school on this Korean Variety Show, as the students quickly recognize him…
He is then sat in a classroom, next to UFC Fighter Yoshihiro Akiyama, for no apparent reason.
And finally shoots some hoops with the students, showcasing his pretty impressive skills.
Anndd almost brings down the whole basket…

Which one of these surprising appearances surprised you the most?
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