9 Strangest Couples in the World!

9 Strangest Couples in the World!

Some people fall in love with with beautiful models. And others… Well… Beauty is most definitely in the eye of the beholder and some people have very strange ideals when it comes to finding a partner…

1. Anton Kraft & China Bell
Sometimes known as the “Strongest Man in the World” on account of being the only man able to lift 4 times his own bodyweight, Anton fell in love with transgender woman, China Bell. Who he claims works harder to maintain her femininity than any other woman.

2. Amy Wolfe & Amusement Park
Amy Wolfe, a US church organist, claims to have objectum sexuality, a condition that makes sufferers attracted to inanimate objects. In this case, Amy is in love with 1001 Nachts, a magic carpet fairground ride. She plans to marry the ride, changing her name to Weber, the surname of the creator.

3. Elisany da Cruz Silva & Francinaldo da Silva Carvalho
Elisany suffers from gigantism from a benign tumor on her pituitary gland, which regulated too much growth hormone. After surgery Elisany not only stopped growing but even shrank an inch. The happily married couple still draw stares but Francinaldo says he is proud to show her off.

4. The Counts of House Van Doorne
Fetish model Lea, and tarot-reader Tim met at a vampire festival and their passionate ‘connection of darkness’ quickly developed into a blood-sucking relationship. The real-life ‘vampires’ drink each other’s blood regularly saying that it is “a sensation like no other”.

5. Buck & Michelle Miller
Self proclaimed “World’s Most Beautiful Couple” Buck and Michelle spend 4 thousand dollars a month maintaining their looks. This includes gym bills, protein and vitamin supplements, tans and pedicures among other things. But the couple say ‘It’s all completely worth it. Who wouldn’t want to look like a million dollars?

6. Joelison & Evem Medeiros
Joelison Fernandes da Silva from Brazil, developed gigantism as a child and lived as a recluse until he met his partner Evem Medeiros on Facebook. Joelison started rocketing upwards at the age of 8 when much like Elisany, a tumor began growing on his pituitary gland, regulating too much growth hormone. This also left him with too little testosterone, and unfortunately the couple recently found they were unabole to have children.

7. Paulo & Katyucia da Silva Barros
The world’s shortest Brazilian couple have got married, eight years after social media brought them together. Paulo who along with his partner has dwarfism, popped the question in front of friends during a sushi dinner.

8. Asha & Emmanuel Chege
Asha Mandela, has dreads that measure 55ft, that’s longer than a bus! So it’s no surprise that her repunzel-like locks should attract a qualified hair stylist, Emmanuel Chege. The couple need two days to wash and dry their beautiful dreadlocks which are their crowning glory.

9. Marjorie McCool and Kyle Jones
According to Kyle Jones: “Some people are wired to like women, some other men. I love a wrinkled neck.” “I love everything about older women. I love the smell, I love the feel, I love the mentality. I love dentures!” The two have been dating for 5 years although Kyle sees many other grandmothers on the side.