9 Secrets Hidden in Famous Logos – Part 3

9 Secrets Hidden in Famous Logos - Part 3

Logos are everywhere. We are bombarded on a day to day basis with brand names and marketing gimmicks. But have you ever stopped to look at them? Like, really look at them?

1. Pepsi
Pepsi has gone through a whole lot of logo tweaks since the Cola Wars began, but one time in particular, in the run-up to the Mexican Day of the Dead, Pepsi released bottles with an inverted logo. Many surprised shoppers were amazed to read “Is Ded” on the bottles.

2. Nike
A student named Carolyn Davidson was paid a mere $35 for designing this logo in 1975. The world-famous symbol represents the wings of the Greek goddess Nike who used to inspire warriors to victory.

3. Eighty 20
Renowned data analysis experts eighty 20 have an interesting logo which at first appears to be a checkered pattern, maybe even a reference to the first computer game, pong. But if you count the blue squares as 1’s and the grey as zeros, it actually says “80” followed by “20”. A bit of nerdy data analyst humor, there.

4. Facebook Places
Facebook Places is a geolocation feature on Facebook by which users check into certain locations via their mobile phones. It was heavily criticised as being a copy of popular app Foursquare, especially as the Facebook Places logo is literally a square with a four on it. Coincidence? Zuckerbergggg!

5. Coca-Cola
While the Coca-Cola Company denies it, historical evidence suggests that the original Coca-Cola did, in fact, contain cocaine. Created in 1886 by Atlanta pharmacist John Pemberton, who modeled the beverage after a French refreshment, coca wine, made by mixing coca-leaf extract with Bordeaux wine. Pemberton mixed coca-leaf extract with sugar syrup instead, to avoid liquor restrictions. He also added kola-nut extract, and Coca-Cola was born. Cocaine, sugar and an extra jolt of caffeine. Many have also pointed out another hidden feature; if you turn the logo on it’s side, you can make out a man spitting. Which is completely ridiculous.

6. Metro Goldwyn Mayer
A studio publicist came up with the idea of using a lion in the MGM logo, just because it was the mascot of his University. Over the years the logo has seen 5 different lions. The first lion named “Slats” was the most passive, just sitting there, while his predecessor “Jackie” roared, despite the films still being silent. The lion we’re all familiar with today is named “Leo”.

7. Samsung
Way back in 1938, nearly 40 years before Apple or any other cellphone company even existed, Samsung sold its first product. A dried kipper. Yes, Samsung or “Three Stars” translated from Korean, started off exporting dried fruit, fish and vegetables! Over the years the stars changed along with the company’s products, before becoming one of the most recognised logos in the world.

8. Formula 1
This is designed to look like a waving checkered flag significant of Formula One races, on which we can see the F and 1 of Formula one. But there is also another 1 hidden between the other two white letters.

9. Colombia
Before there was Uncle Sam, or the statue of Liberty even, there was the torch-bearing Lady Columbia in her patriotic robes and armor, leading the way for America. The personification of Columbia fell out of use and she was largely replaced by the Statue of Liberty as a feminine symbol of the United States. Lucky then, that she is immortalised in the Columbia Pictures logo.

Which of these hidden secrets surprised you the most?
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