9 People Caught Looking Very Jealous

9 People Caught Looking Very Jealous

We usually think we are being discreet when looking enviously at someone’s new shoes. But, not everyone conceals their jealousy so well. Here are 10 examples of People Looking Very Jealous.

1) Prince Charming
When there are a thousand people cheering for Prince Harry and he
decides to kiss the girl next to you… that doesn’t feel too good,

2) Katy Perry
She went to the Smurfs presentation dressed up as usual. But this lady must not like Smurfs. However Smurfs love Katy Perry.

3) David Beckham
Poor Becks, he thought he was alone whilst admiring “the show”
but he was admiring a whole lot more than that…

4) Stop it cowgirl
Sometimes it’s a good idea to talk with your friend before going
anywhere together, you wouldn’t want to look sexier than her, right?

5) Kim Kardashian
When you know your husband had a thing for another girl, you don’t
really want to him to be so happy to see her.

6) Miss Universe
People judge. And judges of a Miss competition, even more so. It’s times like these that can make you really doubt yourself.

7) Sophia Loren
You think you were glamorous until they put you on the same table as Jayne. Sophia spent the whole night making sure that nothing was out of place.

8) Friendzone…
You thought you had it in the bag when your friend appears and steals her away. That’s not fair man…

9) Ice cream forever!
When you’re a kid, you don’t care about cleavage or shoe size, but when you don’t get any ice-cream, this is the face you have.

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