9 FALSE Health Facts That We’ve Been Told Our Whole Lives!

9 FALSE Health Facts That We’ve Been Told Our Whole Lives!

What if we told you many of the health facts you live by are totally false? Some of the most popular advice that has been spread around for years is flat-out wrong! Check it out.

1. Drink Milk for Strong Bones
Studies have shown that there really isn’t any correlation between drinking milk and strengthening your bones, especially when it comes to our hips. Although milk is a great source of Vitamin D, it won’t necessarily prevent you from having a bone fracture.

2. Sugar Makes Kids Hyper
This is yet another health myth that’s been dispelled. There actually isn’t any research that supports refined sugar causing the little ones to go bonkers.

3. Carrots Give You Night Vision
Carrots are rich in Vitamin A – which will aid in the health of your eyes – but they won’t turn you into a stealthy superhero with amazing night vision. Sorry to break it to you!

4. Eight Glasses of Water a Day
This eight-glass rule has no connection to their overall wellness. Doctors recommend you simply drink when your thirsty instead of keeping track of how many glasses you chug.

5. It Takes Seven Years for Gum to Digest
Any gum that you swallow will pass through your intestines just like any other food you consume. So don’t worry about it sticking to your insides for the next seven years, that myth is nothing but a bunch of hogwash.

6. Chocolate Causes Acne
Research has shown that chocolate actually doesn’t cause zits. In fact, it doesn’t have any effect on acne at all! So go ahead and get chocolate-wasted!

7. Wait an Hour Before You Swim
Did you have to wait for your food to digest before jumping in the swimming pool with your friends? Well no more. Cramping hasn’t been linked to having a full tummy at all.

8. Wrap Up Or You’ll Catch A Cold
False!There isn’t any evidence that links cold weather to the common cold. So why is it most people get runny noses when winter rolls around? Being huddled up in a warm room, means you’re more likely to come in contact with other people’s germs and viruses.

9. Cracking Your Knuckles Causes Arthritis
The sound of knuckles cracking is one of the worst sounds ever. But fortunately, it won’t cause arthritis.

Which of these health myths have you been following all these years?
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