8 WEIRDEST Pets People Own!

Some people enjoy the company of normal pets like cats and dogs whilst others prefer a stranger breed of companion, but not many people have strange normal pets. Here are the 10 WEIRDEST Pets People Own!

1. Two-headed snake
This two-headed albino snake was being sold back in 2012 for the crazy sum of $50,000. both heads were responsive and functional which is rare and highly sort after, especially in non-venomous snakes like this one.

There are big dogs and then there’s ZEUS. This Guinness world record-breaking Great Dane was nearly 4ft tall when standing on all fours and 7ft 4in when on his hind legs. and would eat around 6 pounds of food a day. sadly Zeus died in 2014 when he was only 5 years old.

3. Two-faced cat
Frank and Louie were a cat, a type of cat called a Janus cat, named after the Roman god. because of the mutation of a protein, Janus cats are born with duplicated body parts, normally they only survive a few weeks but frank and Louie lived a full 12 years before having to be put down due to cancer.

Obie is a sausage dog who ended up looking more like a burger. His elderly owners overfed him for years with Obie reaching a weight of over 77 pounds before a new owner put him on a strict diet. Obie has lost 50 pounds and can now lick himself again!

5. Grumpy cat
Grumpy cats’ real name is Tardar Sauce, Her grumpy face is a result of feline dwarfism and an underbite. she is probably the most famous cat around and she made her owner Tabatha a ton of money as well as proving to the world that cat can have resting b****face too!

6. Ripped Whippet
Wendy the whippet was born with a genetic flaw that resulted in her having double the muscle mass of a normal whippet. Wendy also weighs 65 pounds which is three times the weight of a normal whippet.

7. Two-headed turtle
Not only snakes can have two heads. the Janus gene can also be present in turtles, this can result in limb duplication or head duplication. it is rare for both heads to be functional, which has made them highly desirable too, they are pretty expensive though.

Goldie the goldfish is a lot more original than her name she is, in fact, the largest goldfish in Great Britain and is 15 inches long. Her owner Ada takes special care or her and she has her own fish tank which is probably how she’s managed to live for 15 years.

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