8 Incredibly Well Hidden Million Dollar Homes

8 Incredibly Well Hidden Million Dollar Homes

You know what they say “if you’ve got it, flaunt it!” but when it comes to their homes, some millionaires prefer a little more discretion.
Here are 8 Incredibly Well Hidden Million Dollar homes.

1 Hunting Lodge
Hidden away in Akrafjorden Norway is this beautiful hunting lodge,its clever design means it can sleep 21 guests in just 35 square meters of floor space. Made from wood and stone with a grass roof it blends into its surroundings so well that you can probably hunt from your front door!

2 Mirage house
Built into the hillside this 3 bedroom house has a kitchen, an outdoor living room and an infinity pool as a roof which blends in fantastically with the sea views.

3 Beijing Mansion
This amazing 8610sq ft mansion boasts a gym, an outdoor swimming pool and a karaoke bar and while you may think a mountain top is a good hiding place this mansion is actually built on top of a 26 storey building and was only found because of the other residents complaining about cracks and water leaks.

4 Billion Dollar Bunker
In Rothenstein Germany this bunker has been renovated to house millionaires in case of an apocalypse. It can resist tsunamis, earthquakes and just about anything else. Each family will live in a 2,500sq ft apartment within this 227,904sq ft complex which includes swimming pools, theaters, bakeries restaurants, roadways, a wine cellar, prayer rooms, classrooms, a television station and a detention center.(because rich people can be naughty too sometimes.)

5 No Place like Stone
In Utah, built inside a natural cave is this 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house and although a desert maybe an inhospitable land, the private well and solar power installation make this house a perfect hiding place.

6. A down under, down under town
In Coober Pedy Australia this old opal mine has been converted into a hidden underground village with around 2000 residents. It consists of bars, b and b’s a swimming pool and even a church! while underground things may seem extensive, above ground only some old mine entrances are notable.

7. Thin Flat
Claiming to be the thinnest house ever built the “keret house” is only at maximum 1,22m wide. With only 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom a kitchenette and a sitting room it may not be lavish but being squished between two buildings it certainly is hidden.

8. Casa Na Mata
Hidden along sao paolo state coastline secluded in the mountainous jungle terrain is Casa Na Mata. With an infinity pool, wooden deck, hot tub, fire pit and terrace this house is luxury at its best. the selection of materials combine perfectly with the mountain/jungle terrain making it the perfect mansion to hide away in, if you can find it!

would you conceal your mansion? or would you flaunt it?

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