7 Terrifying REAL Things Happened in Space!

7 Terrifying REAL Things Happened in Space!

Are we sure that we know everything that happens beyond our horizon? What if we were to tell you there are 7 Terrifying Real Things that happened in Space?

1) The Mysterious Snake
Story Musgrave, the most formally educated astronaut in the world with six academic degrees. reported to have seen a very strange living “snake” whilst exploring the Earth’s surface from space. The creature followed the shuttle for a while and was clearly alive because of its movement. Today, he still maintains his story and some colleagues were able to film it.

2) Real UFOs
On Earth the recording of a UFO can easily be confused with a bird or a cloud or even a drone. But in 1991 Musa Manarov an astronaut that has spent the longest ever time in space (541 days) got to record a UFO travelling through the void of space. Until today, there’s no explanation for this strange object. Not even from NASA. Although some can only guess that it could be a detached rocket booster.

3) Lost in Space
Since the Space Race began, the Soviet Union only made public successful space missions, covering up many unsuccessful ones. This is why the Judica-Cordiglia brothers, two Italian amateur radio operators began recording the skies in order to support this conspiracy. In 1960, they came across a radio transmission with the distinct sound of breathing apparatus. The sound became fainter and fainter as if a failed mission had launched a cosmonaut into the depths of space.

4) One Way Missions
In the name of scientific research, several countries sent hundreds of animals into space, one being the famous Laika. The USSR sent dogs, cats and rabbits, the U.S.A. monkeys and mice, and China sent turtles. None of them were meant to ever come back.

5) The Green Orb
The astronaut Gordon Cooper claimed to have seen his first UFOs while flying over West Germany in 1951 where he saw a group of unidentified flying objects in formation high above. Later, whilst on the Gemini 7 mission, he reported to have seen a green orb approaching him, and after stopping facing the ship for awhile, it just left. Before his death he stated publicly that the US Government was hiding proof of extraterrestrials.

6) Knocking on Heaven’s Door
In 2013, astronaut Yang Liwei commented that, when his capsule was in outer space, someone started knocking on the capsule door in a intelligent way, at intervals. He said it sounded like it was a fist 6 times bigger than a human one, and denied it could be spatial garbage. Mission Control cautioned him to be ready for the worst with no explanation. One year later, a different astronaut in same capsule, experienced the very same thing.

7) Phantom Cosmonauts
Back in the 1950s, the Soviet Union would cover up most space program failures. Until a high-ranking Czech communist leaked information about many unofficial space shots in 1958. Aleksei Ledovsky was mentioned as being launched inside a converted R-5A rocket and another 3 cosmonauts were reported to have disappeared on similar missions. Sent out into the void of space

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