7 Shocking Things Shaquille O’Neal Spends His Money On!

7 Shocking Things Shaquille O'Neal Spends His Money On!

Shaquille O’Neal, world famous basketball player, part time rapper and Freemason has earned an astounding amount of money in his lifetime.
Here’s some of the shocking things he’s spent it on!

1. Binge Spending
With his first Million dollar pay check Shaq bought himself a $150,000 Mercedes, after his father asked where his one was, Shaq went back and bought one for his father and one for his mother too. he then bought diamonds,rings and paid off his family’s home, spending all of his million dollar paycheck in just one day!

2. Family Expenses
Before his divorce Shaq was spending $875,000 a month on family expenses, some of these were:-
$156,116 on mortgages
$24,300 on gas
$12,775 on food
$22,100 on maids
$17,220 on clothes
$6,730 on dry cleaning
$26,560 on babysitters
That’s a lot of babies!

3. Houses
Over the years Shaq has bought a wide variety of homes but perhaps the most noteworthy is a 12 bedroom mansion he bought 25 years ago. a 31,000 sq ft compound with an indoor basketball court, 900 sq ft master bedroom, an outdoor swimming pool and 17 car garage. the property is now worth approximately 28 million dollars.

4. Cars
Shaq loves his cars and has a varied collection which includes;
A Cadillac DTS
A Ford Expedition
A Jeep Wrangler
A Lincoln Continental
A Lincoln Navigator
A Cadillac Escalade
A Hummer H2 and a Lamborgini Gallardo.
Shaq also spends a lot of money customizing his vehicles, adding the superman logo, audio equipment and of course, leg room.

5. Apps and Games
Shaq is apparently a bit of an app-oholic, claiming to spend around $1000 a week just on apps, he also is a big fan of hunting games having bought 20 deer hunting games in just 7 days.

6. Vacations
After the release of Shaq’s divorce papers it was revealed that he was spending over $110,000 a month on vacations. Among his favourites are Cruise ships and the Caribbean, having travelled to the Bahamas for the 2018 shark week.

7. Sweet Sixteen
In 2017 Shaq spent nearly 1 million dollars on his daughters sweet sixteen. It was celebrated on the roof of Hollywood’s W hotel and included a performance from the rapper Y.G and a gift of a Mercedes Benz G wagon.

If you had a million dollars what would you spend it on?

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